Doug Levitt And Open Hearts

The world is a cold and judgmental place. It seems like these days, the love of man has gone cold. Many people walk through life with walls. There is a lot of standoffish attitudes running around in the world. Therefore, some people are going to feel left out. One of the people who experience the worst of this coldness are the struggling. They are judged and stereotyped more harshly because they have less than others. While some people can do everything they can to appear cleaner and more stylish, even that can backfire. For one thing, the poor are more vulnerable to various crimes.


In order for the struggling to get a leg up, it is important for them to have advocates. Fortunately, Doug Levitt has decided to use his singing and songwriting talents to be their advocate. One of the most important things he has done to make it happen is get out of his comfort zone and actually talk to people. One thing he has realized is that the poor and the struggling can be very friendly. One reason is that they have a lot less. Therefore, they don’t have as much of a wall to put up with..


Doug Levitt has gained an understanding of what it is like to be ignored and forgotten by society at large. To make things worse, society does everything it can to keep the poor in their place with very little opportunity to actually rise above their struggles. With Doug’s book and music, people will be shown the humanity of the poor. They will also see that there is a huge diversity to how they ended up in their circumstances. One thing that is common in a lot of stories is that they are doing everything they can to move up in life.

NBA Betting Gets Interesting

The NBA is a very intriguing industry. There are so many teams that are playing so many games. There are 30 teams and more than 80 games played by each team just during the regular season. I see that as a chance to bet hundreds of times of NBA games, and Covers is just the right website for doing that.

I have used lot of different websites, and I have been more impressed with Covers than any of the other websites out there. It is the website that has managed to stand out as a totally different website from others that exist for one particular reason: Covers has the most informative stats for NBA games. I have placed a lot of bets on basketball games during my lifetime. I could not find any other websites that had the same type of NBA odds and match-up game stats that Covers had. This has become the type of website that I have looked forward to using to place my bets when the regular season starts.

I watch the preseason games and see how the teams are looking in the beginning of the year. I notice what players have been traded. I take a look at the players that come out of college. It is interesting to see all of the different match-ups that occur with teams that may have struggled the year before. By the time the regular season games come around I am on looking for a way to place some bets on games. This is something that I love to do because I can log in fast and place my bets instantly.

I used to place bets with office pools, but there are times when I cannot get anyone to take a bet on some of the NBA games that I want to bet on. I love the convenience of using Covers. It is a website where I can place bets in the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to go out and look for someone to place a bet with for these games. I also get the information about the NBA odds through the website so this gives me a chance to make some good bets even if I have not been following the season all the way through. I love placing bets on Covers, and I would not even consider using any other betting sites.

IAP Worldwide Services Purchase Two Business Units Increasing its Success

IAP Worldwide Services is still succeeding in its operation with the recent purchase of two DSR Technologies’ Business Units. They could not hide their thrill as they purchased the Aviation and Logistics Business Unit based in Oklahoma and Tactical Communication & Network Solutions (TCNS) with a strategic location in Aberdeen.

The Aviation and Logistics Unit offers a broad range of services to the whole world including repair and management of aircraft, supporting different missions across the world on and logistics. TCNS deals mainly with engineering and provision of technological services and supporting the defense unit in the US.

Expanding Operations

Doug Kitani, who is the Chief Operating Officer of IAP, is sure that the company will be able to expand its operations and offer different services at a personalized level because of the purchase of the two units. The market for IAP Worldwide services is expected to experience double growth. The two units acquired from the DRS Technologies will work with National Security (an IAP group) to form a new unit—Aviation and Engineering Solution.

The acquisition of the two units by the IAP is an added advantage because the company will increase services and have a good portfolio. The company will be relied upon by the US government and other non-governmental organizations across the whole world.

Offering Reliable Solutions

The IAP Worldwide has established a platform for development as its CEO claims. The company built the platform to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied by the services they offer. Also, they also wanted to ensure that they can continue to be innovative as a company. The organization acquired the units to continue providing services that are essential to the government and other NGOs as well.

About IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is an organization that has committed itself to providing first class services to a wide range of customers. They have been providing excellent for more than 60 years now amassing a lot of experience and winning a lot of contracts due to their commitment. The organization offers services to the government of the United States and international organizations.

Some of the services provided are management and dealing with challenges such as natural and human-made disaster management. The company has worked with the different organizations, and it has been successful in every endeavor. They are always at the beck and call to ensure that your needs are fully catered for.

Improving Your Life With The Midas Legacy

At first glance the Midas Legacy might seem like just another investment firm. But, if you assumed that’s all they were then you would be seriously wrong. They are a nuanced and diversified organization which seeks to help their clients improve multiple facets of their lives. If you are an investor or business person who seeks opportunity for financial and personal growth then The Midas Legacy is the organization you’ve been looking for. Their focus is on improving your life through multiple avenues. Located in beautiful Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy seeks to help individuals improve their life by providing them the tools they need to do so.

The Midas Legacy provides assistance for entrepreneurs who are interested in making business decisions that increase not only profits but help their business grow and off new jobs. The Midas Legacy empowers business owners to empower individuals through new jobs that help them develop their skills in the fields of their choosing.

To do this, The Midas Legacy takes an inter-disciplinary approach to teach clients the skills they need not only to better manage their businesses but to better manage their lives as well. It’s a holistic approach to life improvement that not only improves a persons financial situation but their overall living situation as well. The Midas Legacy wants to help people live full and rich lives.

The Midas Legacy is climbing the ladder because of the multitude of researchers they have on staff to provide information to potential clients. These researchers will help with financial planning and wealth management. However, they will also help with life planning so that you can achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Wealth Management can be very difficult for some individuals. It’s not easy managing your finances. That’s why many people turn to an organization like The Midas Legacy to help with this. Employees of the Midas Legacy have different strengths that will provide a broad spectrum plan to help people manage their finances.

A key area of focus for the Midas Legacy is retirement planning. In this modern world retirement planning can be a very difficult thing to do. There never seems to be enough time in the day to sit down and make a plan. That’s where the team at the Midas Legacy comes in. They will help you plan for your retirement so that you can live life to the fullest!

The Basics

Investment banking, always a worthwhile entrepreneurial past time, comprises much of the banking industry as we know it. Many individuals find investment banking to be empowering, as private companies are usually involved, rather than the traditional big names that we all know of, even those who are not accustomed to the finance game.

In this regard, one can generate capitol for an entity or cause of their choice. In addition, investment banking provides opportunities for prime stock placement, allowing for some kind of a road map to financial success. In addition, investment banking can be viewed as a facilitator for acquiring and merging companies and organizations. One could view these types of banks as a high energy intermediary. There is a give and take that surmounts to a kind of cash dance.

Investment banking, continued:

Investment banking can be considered a voyage through a constant changing environment. An investment banker must always be aware of new trends in the finance jungle. When it come to the selling/ retail component of investment banking, having a sharp eye helps. Also, investment banking can span across diverse settings. One can invest in healthcare, private companies, large corporations, and anything in between. There is a strategic component of investment banking that could mean success in wide variety of business climates.

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten:

Those who engage in the art of investment banking can be called creative opportunists. One such creative is Martin Lustgarten. His name says it all; Martin certainly seems to lust for the high charged garden that is investment banking. Born in 1959, Marin is originally from South America. Now based in Miami, Florida, Martin carved his own niche in the investment business. It is here that he continues to pave the way for new and seasoned investors alike.

Martin Lustgarten has a good eye- collecting vintage. You can find him online, having a strong social media presence. In his free time, Martin is a juggler, which is reflected in his ability to juggle more than one venture at a time. Some of his other interests include traveling, web development, and vintage trading.

A Look Inside The Kabbalah Centre International

The Kabbalah Centre is an internationally syndicated spiritual and educational organization which was originally founded by the esteemed academic, author and Rabbi, Phillip Berg alongside his wife, Karen Berg. The Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles California but also has other brick and mortar offices throughout the country in places such as New York City and Toronto as well as some locations in other countries such as London, England.

The work of the Kabbalah Centre focuses around the spiritual tradition of the Kabbalah whose central work is the synoptic tome known as The Zohar which functions as a compilation of Kabbalistic wisdom. Though the Zohar is the foundational text which is studied at the Kabbalah Institute International, they also offer a wide array of supplementary texts who are written, often, by members of the institute, such as teachers or former teachers – some of the core texts utilized, for instance were written by Rabbi Phillip Berg himself.

The primary purpose of the Kabbalah is further an individuals self understanding through self transformation. The Kabbalah contains many core precepts, such as that the world was created and that this creator can be known and that all that is most noble, dignified and beautiful in life (such as love, joy, honor, loyalty, ect.) comes from this creator. It also teaches that there are two realms, the mortal and mundane world of man which is beholden to natural law, and the realm of the creator which is infinite and behold only to spiritual law. The tradition of Kabbalah generally holds that following the laws of the spirit are just as important for spiritual health as following the laws of gravity are for bodily health. In the Kabbalic tradition, a spiritual devotee should seek to find the Light of the Creator, or the essence of the Ein Sof (the infinite spirit realm of the creator) and become as one with it. It is believed that in doing so a individual will gain a deeper appreciation for, not just their life, but for all life.

Though much of what is taught is highly theoretical and metaphysical and of a spiritual nature, the Kabbalah Institution is not a religious institution and accepts students of all religions, nationalities and races.

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A Guide To NBA Betting

If you want to be sure that you are able to make the most out of your NBA fandom, one of the best things that you can do is begin placing bets on NBA games. This will allow you to not just follow your favorite team or participate in fantasy basketball — but to also earn some money on the bets that you place. By factoring in these sorts of steps, you will have the opportunity to learn all that you can about sports betting and making money on some basketball games.

#1: Learn The Types Of Bets You Can Make

When you are learning to place NBA bets, you will need to figure out the different types of bets that are available for you to make. One of the most common bets for you to make is which team will win straight up. This bet is self explanatory and does not involve spreads. Another type of bet you can make is the team plus the spread. This means that if the Chicago Bulls are slated to win by 8 points, you will win the bet if this becomes a reality. However, if the Bulls lose, or win by less than 8 points, then you will lose the bet.

#2: Find A Site To Help You With Research

Since sports betting is more meticulous and sophisticated than gambling on a game of chance, you owe it to yourself to conduct the research that comes with the territory. There are a number of web sites that will help you learn all that you can about these bets, so make sure that you stop by since it is one of the premiere sites in this regard. is great at providing you the info that you need to learn the ins and outs of NBA odds and other relevant information. This site will also let you know which sports books are trustworthy and will give you some hints related to the games that are being played on any given day.

#3: Have Fun!

Most importantly, make sure to enjoy yourself. Sports betting is meant to be fun above all, so don’t stress yourself and never spend money that is important to you. This way, it will be something that you enjoy, rather than a problem.

Continue to do your research so that you are best able to learn the ins and outs of NBA betting.

Adam Milstein Can Be Counted In The Jewish Community As Having A Profound Impact

Adam Milstein has put a lot of work in at his foundation helping to preserve Jewish heritage and customs, including the Hebrew language. Recently, he was actually named as one of the top 50 most influential Jews by the Jerusalem Post in an article this last summer. That honor includes some pretty big names such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, philanthropist Lynn Schusterman and even celebrities like Sarah Silverman. Milstein has earned these honors thanks to his philanthropy and efforts at improving foreign relations through groups such as AIPAC and IAC.

Milstein spent much of his early years in Israel, the son of a construction manager and a home maker. His parents had migrated to Israel during the years following World War II, and his father even served in the Israeli navy during the first war of independence. Adam spent time learning his father’s trade, and when he became old enough he completed his service in the Israeli military, serving under then field commander Ariel Sharon in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. After the war, Adam returned home where he married Gila Elgrably and then decided to go into the real estate field.

Adam Milstein enrolled at the Israeli Institute of Technology where he learned business and real estate, and in the immediate following years joined his father to manage various construction projects. Later, he relocated to Los Angeles where he joined the real estate firm, Hager Pacific Properties where he became an executive leader. But in the years following the peak of his real estate career, Adam became more focused on philanthropy and Jewish public policy.

Adam Milstein started the Milstein Foundation which engages in a lot of activities, but has three main focus areas that it embodies. With active philanthropy, Adam and his family have given of their personal time and energy to all entities who they support. As Milstein’s second principle of life path impact, he seeks to educate and bring young people through programs relating to Jewish culture and traditions. And with philanthropic synergy, he wishes to form unions with local Jewish leaders and bring them together for a common cause.

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Choose The Right Litigation Law firm For Impressive Representation

Are you looking for a skilled adviser in Brazil? Want to select a seasoned business litigation attorney? Want to ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible in your situation? Perhaps you are considering hiring a powerful attorney like Ricardo Tosto a reputable business and corporate lawyer in Brazil.

There are many corporate and business litigation law offices and lawyers providing good services in Brazil, it is imperative to do your home work so as to hire one that has great expertise in the area of law you need help with.

A good legal adviser or attorney will take the time to examine your case and your situation and then find the right plan of action to obtain the very best possible settlement in the issue.

It is also essential for you to choose the best lawyer you can afford. Retain the services of one of the best business litigation practitioners in Brazil can be a smart thing to do. With a top rated practitioner on your side you can feel confident that your case will be dealt with accordingly. A highly trained adviser will have the superior quality resources and industry connections to ensure the best possible result.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly recommended business litigation lawyer in Brazil. His law firm is one of the most popular due to the fact that he obtains great results for his clients. He is well known for his unique courtroom style and excellent negotiation skills. Mr Ricardo Tosto has been rendering fabulous legal services and advice for many years and has earned a high reputation around the world

His utmost goal is provide quality advice and representation for his clients’ interests. He is fully aware of the critical components of his clients’ business organization and takes appropriate actions to efficiently set up litigation matters from the start. He is fully devoted to developing solutions that help his clients solve their toughest challenges, and he handles each new challenge as an urgent business matter to be solved expeditiously and cost-effectively.


Borrowing Money for Business

There are a lot of people today who need to borrow money for a number of reasons. There are many companies that cater to poor people who need to borrow for whatever reason. However, few companies help those who have large companies. Many business owners have all of their wealth tied up in their business. If you wan to take things to the next level in your life, this is the way to go. There are a lot of people who have used the services of Equities First in the United Kingdom. This is a company that has a track record of success in a number of areas. Start today by reaching out to them for a free consultation. They will help you determine the plan that makes the most sense in your situation. Over time, they can be a great resource to help you manage your time and money.

Equities First

When the company was first started, the founders had a vision to help all people with their finances. There were already a lot of companies that focused on less fortunate people and the financing options that they have. However, few companies concentrated on wealthier people. Equities First saw a market opportunity that they have been taking advantage of ever since. Over the long term, Equities First is a company that is poised for a lot of growth in the future. Many people today look up to the success that this company has had in a short period of time. If you want to take your life to a new level this is the way to go.

Future Growth

In the coming years, Equities First wants to offer more online options than ever before. There are a lot of people who are excited about the new technology that is being rolled out by their business. If you want to invest in the future, there are a lot of ways for you to do that. Not only will this company help you in a number of ways, but they are there for you when you need it as well. Borrowing money is not something that you need to be ashamed about, it is something that you should take advantage of to grow your business. If you need cash, reach out to Equities First today.

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