Jim Hunt Interviewed by Ideamensch.com Regarding his Business Strategies Through VTA Publications

Jim Hunt ventured into financial advisory services before serving as VTA Publications’ chief executive officer. He advised investors on stock market growth as witnessed in the United Kingdom. Jim Hunt VTA Publications uses his video blog, hosted on YouTube, to educate people on how stock markets work and the right time to invest in them. He has a brilliant approach in making trends within equity markets.

VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is renowned for founding VTA Publications as well as serving as the company’s CEO. He told ideamensch.com that the firm was established based on how banks facilitate financial planning. VTA avails information in print and online about how people can develop effective financial planning skills. As a critical thinker, Hunt is more inspired to think about ideas at dawn. He believes that as the CEO, he has the mandate of fostering productivity of Jim Hunt VTA Publications. His company’s mission is to excel in the production of informative materials that also suits clients’ demands.


As a perfectionist, Hunt’s considers discipline as the key driver of his entrepreneurial career. He believes that good business ventures are governed by realistic goals and objectives on YouTube. He also believes that once an entrepreneur is determined to achieve his or her goals, he or she will reap profits from the business venture. Hunt also values customer feedback when it comes to managing business ventures on LinkedIn. Feedback helps him to adjust his products and services to accommodate customers’ diverse needs.

Hunt uses direct mail as a business strategy of identifying the ideal audience for his products and services at http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/latest-articles/. His advice to entrepreneurs is for them to invest in information publishing due to its rewarding nature. Hunt enjoys using Infusionsoft, a data managing software, and Aweber, a web design software.

Wealth Wave and MakeMumAMillionare

Jim Hunt is also known for his brilliant financial initiatives. In 2016, Wealth Wave, an initiative focused on helping investors to make the best of their investments when stock market values decrease, was launched. Hunt also hosted a website known as MakeMumAMillionare.com for people interested in stocks, which are usually ignored by many investors. Both initiatives are remedies for the ever-changing stock markets.

Great Indianapolis Photo Scene Settings

Weddings are a great thing to look back on. If you’re looking for a good wedding video, George Street Photo and Video Locations can get it done whenever you want. These are some settings you can shoot at with their location in Indianapolis.

Old Bethel is a grand sacred church that is as big as a mansion. The candelabras and pews make for a great traditional wedding that can seat up to 600 of your friends and grouped families. There’s an organ doubles up as a piano for the music orchestra.

The Indianapolis City Market is a nationally registered as a historic structure that was built all the way back in the 1800’s. A great photo area is their patina copper room built with towering walls and long iron trusses. The arched windows are a great place to stand under and you can decorate it with additional things like flowers or lights. To book a service, simply visit georgestreetphoto.com.

Copa Star Revolutionizes Health Care in Brazil

The Copa Star Hospital is one of a kind. It is situated in Brazil and is one among a network of 22 hospitals. The Copa Star is the most modern building in the entire country. The hospital emulates the services offered in a five-star facility. The facility aims at providing a world class service starting from health care to recovery sections on Terra. The idea behind that hospital was as a result of a need for the provision of specialized hospital services. It provides and caters for all patient needs and goes further to improve their comfort. The institution has adopted the use of modern technology to serve its patients better. Health care providers are provided with all the necessary tools for their work. Additionally, the hospital hires individuals with an exceptional talent in their field of expertise. The sterile aesthetic present in other hospitals is noticeably absent providing the patients with the best environment for recovery and dining.

In the case of patients with high requirements regarding privacy, the institution caters for that by structurally designing the entrances and exits. Hospital Copa Star are built in a manner that is highly concealable from the public. The hospital has gone further to hire staff with the experience and exceptional skills to meet the unique needs of these kinds of patients. The hospital provides accommodations for a patient who may need to travel from other countries in need for medical attention. They have also equipped their facility with modern equipment to handle neurological and cardiac conditions. The institution on Apontador, however, is specifically meant to provide quality health care while the amenities are secondary to the primary objective.

Hospital Copa Star prides itself with a 500 employee base. Employees are trained to offer services and meet the standards of which they are expected. The nursing staffs are trained to deal with exceptional conditions that may arise. The equipping of these workers adheres to the industry standards. In the aspect of the technology used at the hospital, Copa Star employs the use of world class equipment. The neurosurgery facility is equipped to handle the most complex of cases. The hospital also incorporates the use of robots to ensure the provision of quality care. Patients admitted for longer periods are provided with video conferencing facilities to make sure that they stay in touch with their social life.

The technology used on comunique-se.com also allows patients to customize their immediate environment by the utilization of an iPad. The very aspect of which the hospital is built is to provide an optimized environment. The Hospital Copa Star is designed to offer a unique experience after receiving treatment. The hospital chain seeks to expand its class of facilities to other locations. The facility meets and exceeds the standards offered by other primary sources of health care.

David Osio And His Associates Issue a New Investment Tool

For you to succeed in the real estate environment today, you need a lot to make it successful. You need education. Because it is the most important part of any investment, you might want to consider that you mitigate the effects of any losses which come through investment opportunities. The real estate investment opportunities are also one of the best ways in which you can get better results through innovation and capacity. It is also the surest way of acquiring the sources of finance and innovation. For you to get it accessible in this field, education is paramount before laying any investment.


In the recent past, many people worked to develop their solutions through their capacities in a working environment. If you want to make business in the future, you will need to become an associate with any business climate. People used to conduct their investment opportunities through capacity and development facilities in the world. This is a way to make better business bureau and innovation capabilities in this state and environment. Real estate is one of the trickiest parts of investment. While many people risk their money in the risky capacities in the stocks and trading markets, you will end up losing all your money in a foolish investment without information.


Education is paramount in any investment. This is the reason why David Osio and his executive officers at the Davos Real Estate Group have worked to develop a new real estate application which seeks to educate the real estate investors on whatever decision they want to make in investment. You can also turn to the new tool in investment and get a better way of development and structure analysis in all matters concerning the real estate. For you to become a successful investor in this real estate industry, you must be well informed and educated. Never ignore any information or educational material which has more details about your information.


While many other tools struggle to educate us on how to make investments, this tool is unique because it allows us to get more information on whatever choice you make in the real estate environment. David Osio is one of the most prominent real estate and financial advisor in the United States. For all his investment advice, he never fails to indicate the risks and benefits of the associated investments. Because of his comprehensive advice in this industry, he has been recognised in worldwide companies as an innovator and successful investor.

to know more about david https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-osio#/entity



AXA Advisors; helping families achieve financial security

The purpose of the company is to help their clients attain financial security. This is a company that has been providing stability and financial advice to their clients since 1859.

AXA is a multinational insurance company with headquarters in Paris. It is a company that engages in investment management and global insurance.

The company offers these services in four ways;

v Advice; you will get advice from the professionals. They will help you develop a strategic plan to achieve your financial goals.

v Retirement;

v Life insurance; it will help you protect your family from all the financial insecurities.

v Investments

They offer different products and services that you can choose from the groups mentioned above.

The AXA Foundation and scholarships

The company has also participated in philanthropic activities. The company strengthens the society through philanthropy and volunteerism. They offer scholarships to young people. The company provides $1.4 million in scholarships in over 50 states. In addition to the student’s winning the scholarships, an extra $1,000 will be given to the winning school.

They participate in different community activities in a bid to give back to the community. The AXA Hearts in Action help in different situations including; disaster preparedness, accident prevention, environmental sustainability among others.

AXA also opened a research center in 2008 to support research on understanding the risks affecting the environment.

About Vincent Parascandola

He is the current senior executive vice president of the company. This is a position that he has operated in since 2014. Vincent joined the AXA family in 2005 as the executive vice president of the AXA Equitable. In 2008, he was promoted to the position of President of the Advantage group and later the President Northern Division. Between 2009 and 2012 he was the president of Continental division. Later in 2013, he was serving as the Chief Sales Officer of the continental division in addition to being the president. In 2014, he became the Senior Executive VP of AXA US.

He attended the Pace University Lubin School of Business where he did his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


Get Health Insurance Tailored To Meet Your Needs Through US Health Group

US Health Group offers families security in their innovative options for health care coverage. With over 50 years of health coverage experience, US Health Group has flexible and affordable options for everyone among its plans. You can sign up for coverage any time of the year rather than waiting for open enrollment and add on more coverage if needed. US Health Group has won numerous awards for innovative practices and customer service partly because of the dedicated agents that will help you choose the right coverage for you and your family and take consideration of your current and future needs. Among the plans offered, the Specified Disease/Sickness plan offers three levels of coverage, increase annually for up to five years and allows the addition of Premier Med Short Term Medical/Surgical Expense Plan at any time. When you opt for Premier Choice, you enjoy benefits such as no yearly deductible, first dollar coverage and any doctor and any hospital. Let US Health Group and its dedicated agents help safeguard your family and finances from the unexpected.




With the mission to provide customers protection from financial hardship due to illness and injury, as well as peace of mind, US Health Group plans include:


Premier Choice which provides first dollar coverage, no calendar year deductible and the option of additional coverage;


Secure Advantage which allows you to lock in rates for 1, 2 or 3 years, flexible deductibles, sickness and accident plans and 24 hour coverage on and off the job;


Secure Dental, Premier Vision and Essential Health Benefits products are available as well.


Addition protection options include MedGuard, Life, Accident and Income Protectors and US Health Group PPO Networks.




To help you choose the right affordable options and the best products for you, your family, your business and your employees, US Health Group offers the assistance and guidance of a licensed advisor who has received specific training and certification to meet their professional standards. This provides each client with the right personalized attention that has been recognized through the many awards for customer satisfaction and aligns with the fundamental truth that each customer is unique. Whether in need of Life, Disability, Accident, or Specified Disease ad Sickness insurance solutions, US Health Insurance can individually tailor your plan as it has done for the more than 15 million customers over the past 50 years.




Although based in Fort Worth, Texas, US Health Insurance works to improve lives nationwide. Not only does it work to secure futures through its insurance operations but also through its community service efforts. US Health Insurance CEO Troy McQuagge named December as the Month of Hope and US Health Teams went to work to give hope to those in the Armed Forces by providing care packages to 100 US troops. The packages contained toiletries, warm socks, energy drinks and snacks, spending about $50 per soldier. Another team spent their time making a wounded veteran’s home ready for the family to move in before Christmas. Creating affordable and customized insurance plan option, offering one on one client/agent relationships, and working to build hope, US Health Insurance aspires to become America’s Trusted Choice for Healthcare. Visit their website to find out what it has to offer you and your future.

Securus Technologies Understands Facility Security

One of the biggest concerns that many companies have today is security. In almost every location, there is the potential for security problems. As a result, security is a major priority in many companies. The use of technology has become a vital aspect of how many companies utilize security. While every company should be concerned with security. There are some organizations where security is vital in the daily operations of the organizations. Some of these organizations include public safety and corrections.


It is extremely difficult to handle security using only security guards in any organization, but it is significantly more difficult in organizations that involve areas such as public safety and corrections. The use of technology allows these organization to monitor all aspects of the locations in a manner that would not be possible without the use of technology.


A company that provides a wide variety of technology for security related purposes is Securus Technologies. The company is well known in the technology industry and has many customers in various industries. Securus Technologies recently release numerous comments from users of its technology related to security. Securus Technologies provided the comments through a press release to inform people of the ways that the company is helping to improve security in many organizations.


The comments that were included in the press release came in all forms to Securus Technologies including emails and letters. In the comments, people at various organizations where they use technology provided by Securus Technologies explain how the use of the technology has helped to improve security at the organizations.


Many of these comments came from public safety, corrections, and law enforcement organizations where security is important onsite but also for the safety of the surrounding communities.


Securus Technologies  is a technology company that has a great reputation in the technology industry for providing quality technology related products and services.



Sujit Choudhry, Brings Awareness To Comparative Law Studies

Just as the name implies, comparative law refers to study of the relational dynamics between the directives of one system when examined against legal aspects of another specified legal system, as a whole. Which differs from other law studies that are based in part on in-depth analysis and study and examination of theories. The fields of law that teach applied theory include public and private international law and international law.


As a learning discipline, students accept the task of discovery to examine the differences and similarities between legal systems as world concepts. Meaning that comparative law is a broad field of study. It isn’t limited to just studying the American legal system. Comparative law is actually the comprehensive study of applied examinations, which compares the “differences and similarities” in the rules and regulations of multiple legal systems in the world. The field of comparative law includes Jewish laws, Chinese laws, and common and civil laws, to name a few of the disciplinary study areas.


Comparative law does have specialty areas, Berkeley law professor, Sujit Choudhry is a “recognized authority on comparative constitutional law.” Professor Sujit Choudhry’s academic involvement includes detailed “research agenda” with an international “constitutional advisor” role, working with numerous foreign governments, in countries such as the Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, Libya and Jordan and Sri Lanka. In addition to serving in this advisory capacity and teaching comparative law, Sujit Choudhry is also the founder of the global network of “constitutional building by assembly,” refer to Crunchbase.com. Since its inception in March 2012, “The Center for Constitutional Transitions,” has published several academic reports related to international legal policies.


So what are Professor Choudhry’s other accomplishments? Well, when he’s not teaching comparative law at Berkeley or working on his foundation or acting as an international advisor; Choudhry is a highly regarded author and book editor. One of his edited works is featured on Amazon and is entitled, “Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?” The book, a compelling examination of democracy as a blueprint for world justice, asserts that it can be accomplished through peaceful measures. The book received high praise as a “proposed” remedy for fixing divided societies. As a leading authority on constitutional law, Professor Sujit Choudhry has made an internal inquest on the democracy of India. His book, “The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution” is a comparative analysis of the progressive history of Indian constitutional laws.

Refer to This Site for Additional Information.

Doug Levitt And Open Hearts

The world is a cold and judgmental place. It seems like these days, the love of man has gone cold. Many people walk through life with walls. There is a lot of standoffish attitudes running around in the world. Therefore, some people are going to feel left out. One of the people who experience the worst of this coldness are the struggling. They are judged and stereotyped more harshly because they have less than others. While some people can do everything they can to appear cleaner and more stylish, even that can backfire. For one thing, the poor are more vulnerable to various crimes.


In order for the struggling to get a leg up, it is important for them to have advocates. Fortunately, Doug Levitt has decided to use his singing and songwriting talents to be their advocate. One of the most important things he has done to make it happen is get out of his comfort zone and actually talk to people. One thing he has realized is that the poor and the struggling can be very friendly. One reason is that they have a lot less. Therefore, they don’t have as much of a wall to put up with..


Doug Levitt has gained an understanding of what it is like to be ignored and forgotten by society at large. To make things worse, society does everything it can to keep the poor in their place with very little opportunity to actually rise above their struggles. With Doug’s book and music, people will be shown the humanity of the poor. They will also see that there is a huge diversity to how they ended up in their circumstances. One thing that is common in a lot of stories is that they are doing everything they can to move up in life.

NBA Betting Gets Interesting

The NBA is a very intriguing industry. There are so many teams that are playing so many games. There are 30 teams and more than 80 games played by each team just during the regular season. I see that as a chance to bet hundreds of times of NBA games, and Covers is just the right website for doing that.

I have used lot of different websites, and I have been more impressed with Covers than any of the other websites out there. It is the website that has managed to stand out as a totally different website from others that exist for one particular reason: Covers has the most informative stats for NBA games. I have placed a lot of bets on basketball games during my lifetime. I could not find any other websites that had the same type of NBA odds and match-up game stats that Covers had. This has become the type of website that I have looked forward to using to place my bets when the regular season starts.

I watch the preseason games and see how the teams are looking in the beginning of the year. I notice what players have been traded. I take a look at the players that come out of college. It is interesting to see all of the different match-ups that occur with teams that may have struggled the year before. By the time the regular season games come around I am on Covers.com looking for a way to place some bets on games. This is something that I love to do because I can log in fast and place my bets instantly.

I used to place bets with office pools, but there are times when I cannot get anyone to take a bet on some of the NBA games that I want to bet on. I love the convenience of using Covers. It is a website where I can place bets in the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to go out and look for someone to place a bet with for these games. I also get the information about the NBA odds through the website so this gives me a chance to make some good bets even if I have not been following the season all the way through. I love placing bets on Covers, and I would not even consider using any other betting sites.