Positive Impacts of Concessions on Provision of Basic Sanitation Services by Felipe Montoro Jens

About Felipe Montoro Jens


Jens is a venture capitalist born on September 1970 in Brazil. His working in different companies in executive positions has helped him develop strong connections with prominent investors and entrepreneurs around the world.



He has an undergraduate degree from Getúlio Varga Foundation, a social and economic development promoting the school in Brazil. He has a bachelor’s degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. The center is known for teaching global leaders about international management.



Montoro is the executive officer in various companies like AC Energia SA. He is also the Chairman of Arboreo Land Real Estate Developments. He serves on the Board of Directors and principal in companies like Foz do Brasil SA and Peru Investments Infrastructure SA, among others. He previously served at Braskem SA.



Benefits of Concessions on Sanitation Services in Brazil



The government has said that it will make concessions by working with BNDS (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). The president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos said this will lead to better management of the services provided and resource utilization.



According to Edison, the public company is responsible for 90% of basic sanitation in Brazil and state organizations serve 70% of all the users. He added that the partnership is critical in maximizing the government’s experience in the management of the area.



BNDS will come up with action plans tailored for each state. Mr. Montoro noted that the loss of water has made it difficult for state-owned organizations in the water sector to provide services leading to a shortage of finances.



According to Edison, private companies have the resources and technology critical in water management. Mr. Montoro noted such a partnership is critical in addressing the financial challenges experienced in public institutions.



Edison says in the drafting of contracts, goals must be kept clear. Adoption of inspection by state agencies is also important where services will be provided. Mr. Montoro concluded that private enterprises encourage governors to be keen during concession to verify what’s agreed upon. http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens



Let Igor Cornelsen Help Them

When it comes to the world of investing, its level of difficulty remains a common problem. Moreover, numerous investors fail miserably when it comes to deciding where to allocate an investment. With that being said, these investors generally lose money that would have otherwise remained profitable. In particular, the stock market remains a puzzling area of investing. Due to continuous fluctuations affecting the stock market, numerous investors do not know where to begin. Moreover, these investors fail to understand what stocks would benefit their investment. Although a minute amount of investors have familiarized themselves with the stock market, it remains a risky endeavor.


However, some people do know how to navigate the “shark-infested waters” of the stock market. With that being said, Igor Cornelsen remains among those types of people. For those unaware, Igor Cornelsen remains a prominent fixture in the investment industry. Moreover, he possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding how to make an investment. Furthermore, he has decades worth of experience. Therefore, he remains in the position to advise his clients on how to make sound investments. Furthermore, he specializes in advising his clients on how to make long-term investments. For those unaware, long-term investments remain among the most lucrative forms of investments. Also, he advises his clients not to deal with damaged companies. However, he encourages them to purchase damaged stocks.


For those unaware, damaged stocks remain relatively affordable and basically guarantee a return on an investment. Today, Cornelsen works as the proprietor of a company called Bainbridge. In addition, he has held numerous high-profile positions in Brazil’s banking industry. However, he retired in 2010. Nowadays, investing remains more of a hobby for him when compared to a profession. Regardless of whether investors remain interested in investing in commodities, Igor’s company remains a knowledgeable investment firm. Moreover, the firm remains highly successful. During Igor’s career as an investor, he remained responsible for some of the most significant banking decisions in the world. Furthermore, his company remains trustworthy and possesses a staff dedicated to his clients. In addition, very few people know Brazil’s banking industry more than Igor. http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/

A Rainbow of colors from Lime Crime

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A Look At How Borrowers Are Increasingly Using Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a globally leading provider of alternative lending products. One of these types of alternative products is stock-based loans that they have seen increasing interest in for the last several years. As traditional lenders such as banks increase their lending criteria made businesses turn to these types of loans in order to finance their business activities.

After the financial collapse of 2007-2008, governments around the world increased regulations on banks and the loans they issue. Banks have also willingly become much more conservative in who they will offer loans to. Due to this, many businesses are left on the sidelines when they need to raise capital. Equities First Holdings helps these companies through the alternative lending products.

There are a number of reasons that businesses are increasingly attracted to stock-based loans. The first is that they need to raise capital that can be used for any purpose. With a stock-based loan, they give shares in their company to the lender and in exchange get capital to work with. Not only does this raise capital but it also provides the business a hedge against the value of their stock should it drop while the lending terms are in place.

Other reasons a business would want a stock-based loan is because the interest rates tend to be less than what a traditional loan offers. Also, the terms of the loan state that the borrower can exit the loan at any time with no recourse provided to the lender.

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002. They have offices in nine countries and provide their alternative loans to businesses across the world.

When Equities First Holdings expanded into the UK they acquired an alternative lending company there called Meridian Equity Partners Limited. This purchase was completed in 2014 and has proven to be very successful.

The Evolution of the Kabbalah Center International

History of the Kabbalah Center

Different scholars have come up with various meanings as to what Kabbalah interprets to. Kabbalah can thus be defined as an ancient wisdom that depicts the correlation of the universe and life work. It can be termed as the study of how one can receive fulfillment and their calling in our day to day lives. Kabbalah teachings have passed over generations since it began. It was first published 5000 years ago in a written record known as the Book of Formation. However 2000 years later, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai wrote the main body of the Kabbalah teachings and principles in a book called The Zohar. The Zohar discusses the Five Books of Moses or the Old Testament ancient scriptures. The book attempts to explain how the universe functions in a spiritual manner. New York times news here .

For centuries, only the scholars and married Jewish men past 40 years could access the Kabbalistic teaching. Any other person was forbidden from the Kabbalistic teachings. However, the tradition eroded in 1969 when Rav Phillip Berg became the first ever Director of the Kabbalah Centre. Phillip Berg together with his wife Karen made the Kabbalistic teachings available to everyone regardless of the race, gender or religious affiliation. It was not easy to spread Kabbalistic teachings to the whole world since they were reserved for the scholars and Jewish men with over forty years. Nonetheless, the Kabbalah Centre grew from a small institution in Israel to an international organization known today.

The headquarters of the Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles, California. It is a non-profit organization that offers the ancient teachings of the Zohar online and through city-based centers and study groups. The Kabbalah Centre does not contradict its teachings with religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Buddhism but serves as a supplement to them. Click Here for more.

The Kabbalah Centre provides a platform for scholars and students around the world to grow spiritually, exchange different philosophies, and correlate with like-minded people. Kabbalah’s objective is to provide knowledge that assists its members improve their livelihood and sustain peace and tranquility in the universe. Furthermore, it provides digital and online learning platforms where people can interact.

http://teamkabbalah.com for more .


Igor Cornelsen: the Last Word in the Brazilian Banking and Investment Sector

No one understands the Brazilian banking sector better than Igor Cornelsen. An accomplished financial advisor and investment banker in the South America’s largest economy, Igor has seen it all. He knows all routes that lead to investment success and the risky ones that often lead to losses. He has been a source of motivation for upcoming investors, especially in the Brazilian stock market. With the country’s economy growing steadily, Igor has been the eye opener to many stranded investors. He has always held the belief that economic growth brings with it viable investment opportunities that should be grabbed at the very first instance. He has been a pillar during the recent economic crisis, giving individuals as well as financial institutions all the advice they required to sail past the tide.



Why Brazilian Banks Thrive Even During Crisis



At the height of economic woes in Brazil in 2014, most banks defied what appears to be the universal law that financial institutions suffer from an economic crisis. Banks, such as Banco Bradesco (BBD) and Itau Unibanco (ITUB), for example, recorded an increase in their profit margin by up to 28 percent and 36 percent in that order. Igor Cornelsen described this strange phenomenon as the fruits of knowing the market pretty well, which makes Brazilian banks withstand even the toughest of tides. He explained the issue further by saying that the banks, particularly private banks, have mastered the art of vetting borrowers before issuing loans. This practice has enabled the banks to keep those with questionable credit worthiness at bay. To break it down even further, Igor prepared a four-point list of the fundamentals of the Brazilian investment sector.



What does Igor think Of the Brazilian Economy?



To begin with, Igor advises that it’s good for investors to know the various banks in Brazil, both public and private. Banco Bradesco, Banco J Safra, Unibanco, Banco Itau, among others are banks that every should be keen to know. Secondly, Igor believed that the appointment of Joaquim Levy to head the finance docket in 2013 would revolutionize the banking industry for the better. Thirdly, Igor warned investors always to keep an eye on China for it’s the biggest trading ally of Brazil. According to him, a change in the China’s economy is felt in Brazil. Lastly, he advised that overvaluing the Brazilian currency was hurting the country’s importation.





A Look At The Highlights Of Sujit Choudhry’s Interview With Ideamensch

Ideamensch asked Sujit Choudhry if he had an idea for a business that he was willing to share with the Ideamensch community. Choudhry answered that he thinks there is a real need for a new organization that would bring together all the most interesting and important constitutional cases from all over the world. This institution should also be able to translate all the major constitutional cases into the main languages of the world. This is so people all over the world can benefit from the insight and application of this constitional law. Mr. Choudhry believes that such an organization could change the very nature and history of constitutionalism in the world today. More on blogs.law.nyu.edu/

Sujit Choudhry was asked of a business strategy or tactic that has helped him grow his organization. His answer to this question from Ideamensch was being quick to act, taking advantage of opportunities, being creative and making the most of your dollar. With such an approach and mindset, Sujit Choudhry believes you can easily obtain success and profitability in almost any venture or organization.   Related article on fundacity.com.

Ideamensch also inquired of what Sujit Choudhry does constantly in his line of work that he suggests others try and replicate to also obtain success in their life or business. Mr. Choudhry says that you should always try to talk to people who are on the ground. They are the ones that know what is going on. These people also know vital info that you may not. Knowing the right info can literally make or break many businesses or organizations.

The second to last question that Ideamensch asked Sujit Choudhry was what is a software or online tool that he uses and what does he like about it. Mr. Choudhry’s response was that he uses FullContact. He says that is a great way to manage professional contacts.

To learn more about Sujit, visit his website here.

As the final question, Ideamensch asked Sujit Choudhry what is a recent book he has read that he would recommend the members of Ideamensch check out. Sujit Choudhry recommends that people check out the book titled Wiser: Getting Beyond Groupthink to Make Groups Smarter that is written by Cass Sunstein. Mr. Choudhry states that the book is an excellent read for anybody who is chairing or will be chairing a large group at work. He says that reading the book has been an immense help to him when it comes to making decisions that involve the input of a large number of people.  For the full interview, go straight to ideamensch.com.

Additional article worth reading on https://works.bepress.com/sujit_choudhry/

Why Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Has Hit A High Following So Quickly

Paul Mampilly is the author of Banyan Hill’s “Profits Unlimited” newsletter. This newsletter contains advice on stock investing and how to make profits just like the big executives on Wall Street. Mampilly began this newsletter just last year after deciding to leave the big offices of Wall Street and focus on how he could run a business and a philanthropy at the same time.

Profits Unlimited is just that as a publication that provides in-depth looks at the markets and helps readers make highly informed decisions. The readership of “Profits Unlimited” has grown to 60,000 in just one year and much of this is because Mampilly has established credibility by suggesting investments that work.

Paul Mampilly was born in India but moved to the US and received an MBA at Fordham University. He started out in the big banks of New York City, first as a research analyst for Deutsche Bank, and then started managing greater quantities of funds for Sears, ING, Bankers Trust and even the Royal Bank of Scotland. After years in banking, Mampilly moved into hedge funds and joined the portfolio management team of Kinetics International Fund’s firm. He grew the assets under management at this firm very quickly and earned it recognition as the “World’s Best” according to Barron’s newspaper.

Paul Mampilly decided to demonstrate his knowledge in investing even further when he joined the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2008-2009. He was one of the few investors to find profitable stocks during the 2008 financial crisis, including one that he grew from $50 million to $76 million without shorting its value. Mampilly soon retired and began focusing on his own portfolio which included key investments in Facebook, Netflix and OLED Universal Display Corporation. He began “Profits Unlimited” to bring mainstream America into the folds of Wall Street’s riches.

Overview Of Brazilian Startup Industry According To The Executive Of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf, the President of Eucatex Group believes that the startup industry has enjoyed excellent growth in recent years. The executive of Eucatex explains that according to numbers given by ABStartups, an association of startups in Brazil, there are about 4000 plus enterprises under this category in Brazil. The entities specialize in various sectors including education, health, commerce and entertainment. However, the Brazilian entrepreneur explains that for the entities to achieve this growth, some staff in their teams must be professionals who understand very well the entities’ area of specialization.


According to a research conducted by Gama Experience, a tech institute specializing in nurturing future professionals, the key areas that most startups will be targeting in 2017 are sale, digital marketing and technology development. Technology has played major impact on how businesses operate today, and that has been achieved through investment in the industry. Startups must invest well in customer service departments if they want to achieve successive growth. Today, many individuals have access to the internet, implying that they can learn a lot using this platform. Likewise, almost all businesses use this platform to reach out to their customers, suppliers and partners. Therefore, for startups to achieve growth, they must invest in digital marketing areas to widen their client base.


Flavio Maluf and Eucatex Group


Since 1987, Maluf has been working at Eucatex Group, serving in different roles until he eventually become the President. When he joined the company, Flavio worked in the trading section, and after a few years, he moved to industrial section. In 1996, he joined the executive team of the company to broaden his leadership skills. One year later, Maluf was announced the President of Eucatex, a position he serves until today.


Eucatex is a Brazilian company founded over 60 years ago. The company began producing panels and sheets using eucalyptus raw materials. The company’s growth has been accelerating rapidly and today it can supply materials to large civil construction factories and also furniture manufacturers. In 2010, under the leadership of Maluf, Eucatex launched a new factory in Salto. Eucatex has been participating in various charitable initiatives to support needy local communities, and also conservation of environment.

Capitol Anesthesiology Provides A Team Of Quality Professionals

One of the toughest things for people to deal with is pain. All people have a different pain level tolerance. With a different pain tolerance level, what is bearable for one person maybe too much for another person. As with general pain, people must be able to deal with pain related to surgery. The way that pain is handled in many situations regarding surgery is through the use of anesthesia.


Regarding surgery, patients are evaluated, monitored, and asked questions to help determine what will be done regarding anesthesia. With the information obtained from the patient and through tests, decisions are made related to how anesthesia will be administered during surgery.


The use of anesthesia is one of the most important aspects of surgery. Without the proper level of anesthesia for the particular patient and surgery purpose, performing surgery may not be possible. In many regards, anesthesia is almost essential for most surgeries. Generally anesthesia is used before, during, and after surgery to help patients deal with medical problems and pain related to surgery procedures.


At Capitol Anesthesiology, the use of anesthesia for surgeries is one of the primary medical services provided. The professionals at Capitol Anesthesiology are highly trained professional regarding the use of anesthesia.


In addition, the various methods of anesthesia that are provided at Capitol Anesthesiology include regional anesthesia, general anesthesia, and local/Mac anesthesia. Also, specialized methods provided include obstetric anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, and cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia.


Capitol Anesthesiology is a well-known organization that has trained professionals who understand all aspects of anesthesia regarding surgeries.