Securus Technologies Unveils More Applications on ConnectUs Operating System

Securus Technologies, the firm that controls the second largest market share in the civil and criminal justice solutions sector, recently launched its most advanced operating system; Connect Us. This operating system changed the way inmates could access communication utilities and applications while in correctional facilities.


This operating system is built on proprietary technology and the most advanced easy-to-use design, bringing in simple and powerful applications to both correction administrators and inmates. ConnectUs allows the company to host videos, video visitation sessions, commissary ordering, job applications, phone calls, educational programs, and third party website access and a host of other services.


Recently, PR Newswire reported that Securus Technologies had implemented inmate forms and grievance application to be hosted on ConnectUs platform. According to the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Russell Roberts, the implementation of such forms marked the modernization of the customers with one of the best technologies in the history of the United States.


Previously, correctional facilities used paper forms to make the various inmate requests including medical, complaints, progress, grievances, and handbook acceptance. This wasted valuable time and resources during the collection, filling, copying, routing, logging, retrieval, storage, and archiving of forms.


However, with the latest inmate forms synchronized in ConnectUs, it will be easy to create any type of inmate request on a platform that’s accessible to inmates 24/7. Securus Technologies processes a minimum of 13.8 forms per inmate per month. With this new application, the company will increase the number of forms processed in a month, saving correction staff valuable time that can otherwise be used to improve safety and security of inmates.


About Securus Technologies
For more than 30 years, inmates, correctional facilities, and families of inmates have relied on Securus and its subsidiaries for communication, IT, safety, investigation and data management solutions. The company has it’s headquarter in Dallas, Texas.

The DeVos Family Speaks About Their Commitment to Education

In a recent interview, philanthropist Betsy DeVos, the wife of Dick DeVos, spoke about the challenges of working and supporting children through a failing public school system. DeVos is an advocate of school choice, a system that allows parents and children to choose what schools they trend, often opting for better performing schools that are not directly within the public school system. In Michigan, DeVos and her entire family have had a huge impact on the education system, as well as within the lives of individual students and families.

The DeVos family has long been involved in philanthropic endeavors and projects, and they have mainly focused on children, the family, and education. All of these factors are important to the entire family, and their example is one of a unified front in both giving power and influence. Dick has served in countless public service positions, and was even a nominee for governor in his home state of Michigan.

In the past the DeVos family have built a legacy of giving, using the financial wealth that they have acquired from their family business. The entire family believes and knows that in order to build a prosperous community every individual within the community needs to be able to reach their full potential. The foundation that DeVos set up improves the lives of individuals and betters communities within the greater community too. By working together both at a legislative level and personal level the greatest impact is possible with minimal effort in order to continue funding as many worthwhile programs as possible.