Classdojo Promotes Positive Reinforcement

Even classrooms that have been less than successful in the past are able to benefit from everything that Classdojo has to offer. The app was designed to create change and improvement in the classroom from the ground up and it does all of the legwork of helping to create a sense of community in the classroom that teachers make the choice to use it in. This is something that is much different from classroom improvement options of the past and something that promises to change the way that classrooms work for the teachers as well as the students and even the parents.


Parents who have students who are in classrooms that use the Classdojo application are able to see that their students are doing well. They are also able to make sure that their student is getting the best experience possible in the classroom. They can see the different ways in which the students do well and they will be able to get the most out of the application if they make sure that they use it on a regular basis. They can use the information that they get from the app to change the way that they do things at home to improve on their child’s attitude and learning environment.


Students are also able to benefit from the app. It gives them a sense of ownership and something that they can truly feel proud of when they are doing different things on the app. The app makes students feel like they are successful and this gives them a chance to see that success is really easy to achieve by using simple manners and doing the things that they are supposed to do in the classroom. Students can also earn points for doing the right thing in the classroom that they are in.


Perhaps one of the biggest factors for success with Class dojo is the teacher. Teachers who use the app can make sure that their classrooms are running smoothly and efficiently. They can add the students who they have in the classroom to the app so that they can see everyone’s progress in one place. They can then use this information to change up how they do things in the classroom. According to, this works even for classrooms that have a high rate of failure and for classrooms that may have problems with students who don’t do what they are supposed to do.


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Other Real Estate Agencies Can’t Compete with Town Residential

Town Residential is a real estate agency that is in a class of its own when it comes to the various properties that they have in New York City and the way that they are able to help their clients with the different needs that they have for property in the city. They are different in that they have been wildly successful and that they have plans to continue to be very successful no matter where their next business plan takes them. Whether it is land development, personal real estate or business real estate, the tradition at Town is to be successful.


While there is a tradition of success in the business, it is hardly old enough to even have established traditions. Town Residential has only been in business for three years. This is a short amount of time and has only given them a very small amount of time to be able to put their roots down in the city. They did, however, put some major roots down in the past three years. They now have ten offices throughout the city and on the island of Manhattan where they can serve all of the clients that they have in the city.


When it comes to land development, Town may not seem like the immediate first choice. They are not necessarily developers, but they do have the industry connections that allow them to work with many different land developers throughout the city. This is something that they have worked hard to be a part of and something that they will continue to do no matter where their business takes them. They enjoy the land development side of real estate and feel that it is going to be one of the largest markets that New York City has ever seen.


Town Residential is the portion of the Town real estate agency that focuses on personal property. They help people find residential properties that suit all of their needs. Whether the needs are having a six-car garage in uptown Manhattan or a 10-person tub in a bathroom in Brooklyn, Town Residential works to provide that to their clients. They want to make them happy and want them to live in the best homes possible. They will do whatever they can to make their clients happy and to ensure that they get the most out of their residential purchase when they are looking for a home.


Businesses are not left out of the mix when it comes to Town. There is an entire separate portion of the agency that deals specifically with business and with commercial properties. They work to find the best of the best when it comes to commercial properties and they list them for their clients to take advantage of. The industry connections that they have often allow them to be able to talk to people long before the properties even go on the market. They can snatch them up much quicker than other real estate companies in New York City.

Michael Zomber Sheds Light on His Interest in Oriental Culture


After spending decades collecting samurai weapons, Michael Zomber finally decided to write books about Japanese traditions. In 2009, Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan and Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai were published in electronic format and paperback. Both of these novels reflect Zomber’s deep passion for Japanese history. In 2010, Michael Zomber provided some thoughtful insights on these books via a podcast that was released on the iUniverse website.

In addition to writing novels about the Far East, Michael Zomber has also produced some multimedia works about such a region of the world. The Soul of the Samurai was one of the earliest films produced under his own independent studio called Renascent Films. Zomber’s wife has provided plenty of technical assistance and other support for a successful release of this documentary. Another key figure who played a vital role in the production of the Soul of the Samurai was Kensho Furuya, a Zen Buddhist who led the Aikido Center in Los Angeles, CA. As a guru on samurai customs, Kensho Furuya gave Zomber plenty of details on Bushido. Sadly, this expert on Japanese history passed away during the production of the documentary. Therefore, Michael Zomber dedicated the film to his good friend who provided so much helpful information.

Michael Zomber spent his early childhood as a Boy Scout in rural Pennsylvania. One of his most memorable adventures as a kid was a stop at a historic general store that displayed a Springfield model 1873 rifle. The young Zomber was absolutely drawn to this firearm that was issued by the United States military throughout the 19th century. As an adult, Zomber has collected many antique American guns, pistols, rifles and shotguns. One of his most famous possessions is a pistol that was handled by the great George Washington during the American Revolution.

As a married man with two children, Zomber decided to settle down not too far away from his childhood roots. He surely appreciates the rich military heritage that Pennsylvania has to offer for anyone who’s interested in antique American weapons.


Dental Sleep Masters Finds Success In Combating Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, has developed a new set of procedures and precautionary measures to address the growing epidemic of sleep apnea in the United States. Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between sleep apnea and a person’s susceptibility to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and strokes. It is for this reason that Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated so many resources to combating sleep apnea and helping physicians properly address its root causes and symptoms.

One of the primary concerns for Dr. Avi Weisfogel and Dental Sleep Masters to address was the inefficiency of the current diagnosis system. As it currently stands, roughly 90% of all people afflicted with sleep apnea remain undiagnosed. By developing a new care model that includes sleep physicians, Dental Sleep Masters hopes to develop a superior system that gets people the help they need, before they need it in an emergency.

As for Dr. Avi Weisfogel, he has built up a considerable reputation for being a leader in the field of sleep disorders. While working as a dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel earned considerable acclaim from his customers for approaching dental care in a unique and caring way. During his time as a dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel also branched out into the study of sleep treatment and sleep disorders. While studying this field, Dr. Avi Weisfogel focused on finding the connection between dental work and sleep disorders.

By providing dentists with considerable insight into how their work can affect patients, Dr. Avi Weisfogel hopes that he can help prepare both dentists and patients alike and help them better address rising concerns over issues like sleep apnea. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in both biology and psychology, as well as a doctorate of dental surgery, it’s clear that there are few things in the realm of either sleep or dentistry that Dr. Avi Weisfogel isn’t already familiar with. With the success of his organization, Dental Sleep Masters, it’s clear that his work will continue to have a positive impact on people suffering from sleep disorders for many years to come.

Toys for Boys Throws a Summer Party for the Ages

Danilo Diaz Granados is an extremely successful businessperson. Over his career, Danilo Diaz Granados has founded several successful businesses each one more successful than the last. One of Danilo’s most recent ventures is Toys for Boys. Toys for Boys is a store specially designed for upper-class men. The store stocks everything that one needs for a luxurious lifestyle. The place stocks everything from exotic automobiles to fine watches. Toys for Boys has become extremely popular throughout Miami. One reason why the company is so successful is their willingness to throw high-class parties.

Recently, Danilo Diaz Granados threw a major party, that was covered by PR Newswire. This amazing event attracted affluent guests from throughout the Miami area. The event featured some of the best cuisines in the Miami area. Danilo also insisted on offering their guests helicopter rides and time at the racetrack. Bottles of Dom Perignon were passed out throughout the night, and there was even a boat ride at sunset. This was the event of the Summer, but it was just par for the course for Danilo.

Danilo Diaz Granados knows that establishing a luxury brand requires a commitment to high-quality experiences. People are very willing to spend money on great experiences, and Danilo wants to offer people a once-in-a-lifetime experience at every event. Men in Miami deserve the highest quality luxury goods, and Danilo is more than willing to offer these products.

The Summer party was unlike anything ever seen in Miami. Hand-selected guests were invited to a private breakfast before the party started. The breakfast took place at the One Thousand Museum sales center. This wonderful event gave people an opportunity to preview a new luxury residential building in the heart of Miami.

Granados knows that Miami has a lot to offer and he wants to show the city off. His goal with every event is to give guests a chance to connect with entertainment, art, and cuisine that shows off Miami’s extravagant style. He knows the latest party accomplished that, and he is already planning the next.

Men in Miami deserve the highest quality experiences and Toys for Boys is eager to offer these experiences.  Check out Danilo on Facebook for more coverage.

New York City’s Biggest Real Estate Deals This Year

The New York City real estate industry is one of the most active with ground-breaking projects coming up each day. Let’s look at some of the most recent biggest deals in NYC luxury real estate.

After two years of a comprehensive study, the Department of City Planning finally authorized a proposal to allow towers in East Midtown. The project, which is branded “East Midtown Rezoning,” will have invaluable benefits to the obsolete 57-bock district after over 50 years of construction restrictions in the area. Construction has also resumed in Grand Terminal controlled by SL Green after delays.

A new project meant to provide office spaces for Midtown and Downtown marketers is almost complete. The project, which is owned by 28 Liberty, will provide over one million square feet for grabs. Recent developments also reveal that real estate mogul Larry Silverstein is planning to build another World Trade Center tower to expand his legacy.

In what seems to be another game-changing attempt in NYC luxury real estate landscape, Related Cos. will launch a $ 200 million monumental project. The structure will include a selection of restaurants and is expected to change the appearance of Hudson Yards. Other big projects include Douglas Durst’s company deal to develop 1800 Park Avenue and MTA’s $4.5 billion project to expand the Q line.

Another company that is not left behind when it comes to NYC luxury real estate is Town Residential. The company has made remarkable achievements spanning five years since its inception. Town Residential offers a wide range of services including commercial development, leases, property management, marketing and residential sales. The company’s excellent track record is something to admire. It deserves the bragging rights for its hundreds of thousands of clients and a large portfolio of real estate investments spread across the city.

At the height of Town Residential’s success is a team of qualified individuals who got the skills and the expertise to offer real estate solutions to clients. The company’s quality customer service is unmatched. Its level of professionalism characterized by a winning mentality is unrivaled. With these qualities, the Town Residential’s future as a NYC luxury real estate service provider is quite bright.

Town Residential Simplifies the Process of Acquiring Residential Properties in New York

New York City is one of the most accomplished and busiest cities across the globe. It is full of fine food, fantastic sights, and endless activities to carry out. However, it is also a city of inflated price and scarce apartments. If you decide to settle in New York, getting a home to either rent or buy can prove to be an arduous task. The solution is to seek professional help so that you get real estate in a simple and smooth way.

Town Residential is an authority in the New York’s real estate industry. It has an exhilarating foundation and perfect execution of excellent customer services by an unrivaled team of representatives. The firm focuses on luxury residential services ranging from sales, marketing, leasing, to property development. Andrew Heiberger launched the company in 2010, and it has a team of professionals who identify perfect residential homes on behalf clients. They specialize in connecting seller to prospective buyers of real estate properties.

Buyer’s Guide

Town Residential avails a buyer’s guide to buyers of properties in the New York. The guide will assist a client to view numerous properties available for sale in the New York’s real estate market. It will help them to navigate the shifts and recessions associated with the market. The aim of Town Residential is to help clients complete the buying process faster and without any hitches.

Seller’s Guide

Town offers a comprehensive seller’s guide comprised of current prices of residential properties and expert advice on the ideal price. The guide helps the sellers to implement exceptional marketing strategies that will attract more prospective buyers to their properties. Through advertising, sellers can reach out to more potential buyers and increase the chances of selling their houses. Therefore, this guide offers the seller with an easy and efficient way of selling their properties.

Renting an apartment

In less than a decade, Town Residential has formed alliances with property owners and other real estate firms in New York. Thus, getting a residential real estate or an apartment is easier for the company. Its employees conduct intensive research and identify vacant apartments that suit the clients’ lifestyle needs and preferences. Therefore, the company can make the process of renting apartment simple and stress-free.

Town Residential has remained committed to its mission of offering exceptional services since inception. Its winning formula and outstanding culture have brought the company many of its awards and recognition.


Class Dojo Opens the Classroom to Parents

In the past, parents have had limited information about what goes on in the classroom. Most of the communication occurs during parent teacher meetings that occur two times a year. Classroom progress is only seen through the grading period and children can be reluctant to talk about school. How many times have you heard a child answer, “I don’t remember.” when you ask about school. Classroom Dojo is a revolutionary classroom tool that empowers teachers, parents and students by creating a shared community. Teachers are able to communicate with parents instantly by snapping photos, videos or sending a text during the school day in real time. The app also has also authored a series of videos illustrating the concept of growth mindset. Students may choose to add photos and videos of the work in a digital portfolio. Parents are able to get daily feedback and talk to their children and their teachers about student progress. This communication strengthens the learning community.
Class Dojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don during a time when educational applications recorded information, but did not allow open communication between all of the involved parties. The company has been raising money to invest in their product. In early 2016, the company had raised 31 million dollars in venture funding to help develop the product. The company will not make money from user data and is striving to develop content that users are willing to pay for. For example, money could be transferred through the app instead of sending cash or a check with the student.
Class Dojo has teamed up with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research (PERTS) to help develop a series of videos using the concept of growth mindset that has been pioneered by Stanford professor Carol Dweck. Growth mindset emphasizes that the mind is a muscle that needs to be worked. The company has put the power of education directly in the hands of the student by encouraging them to try and make mistakes. Parents and teachers are able to also work together and encourage each child to develop to their potential.

The fight against Autism

Dubai Autism Awareness Month begins as from second April. For all those who are willing to contribute, with only Dh50 per head, you can have access to the fun-filled Autism Rocks Festival. The main guests for this year’s festival will be Flo Rida and Tyga.

Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark is the couple behind the founding of the festival. Autism Rocks is aimed at spreading awareness of the condition. It is out to change how individuals with autism are dealt with and perceived in the society. The couple has an autistic son (Nikhil) and felt the need to take an action for him and the rest like him. While there is a global support for special needs people, autism has never had a significant exposure. They wanted to provoke people to do more research on why and how individuals get such a condition.

The charity and live concert festival was founded in 2014 and has so far raised in excess of six hundred thousand euros. Popular musicians that have graced the event include Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Drake and Michael Bublè in London and Dubai.

This year, the coordinators decided to go with Flo Rida and Tyga since they had a young vibe and could help to spread the message with their youthful fans. The official DJs are Fever and BFG. Besides live music, other family events that will be available include laser tag, zip line, crazy golf, face painting, inflatable rides, and a petting zoo.

Autism is a developmental disorder that distresses how an individual communicates with others and how they familiarise with the world around them. Its cause is still anonymous and is currently incurable.

Sanjay Shah is a British businessman who was born in September 1970. He is the founder of Solo Capital Markets; this is an international boutique financial service company. Its headquarters is in London, England. The company has specialised in consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading. Sanjay Shah initially started studying medicine before opting to the business sector. He became an accountant and worked for several firms. He began his own company when the 2009 financial crisis forced many workers to be laid off.

The Experience of a Lifetime: Doug Levitt

When people think about Greyhound buses, a few memories come to mind. The time you were in band in high school and you took that special spring trip to Disney World or another part of the country on a greyhound. Comfort for that long ride which awaits you. Maybe you even went to space camp with your school or your football team made the nationals. All of those big and important moments of your childhood life which a Greyhound Bus loaded you down too. Maybe your a parent who took that trip to the New Orleans Aquarium. Or maybe you took the Greyhound Bus for a cheap way to travel to another state. Greyhounds are all over the place and get you where you need to go. Doug Levitt has a Greyhound story. In fact it is more than one, it is the story of a lifetime. “The Greyhound Diaries” tells this great story.

Doug Levitt is a great singer and song writer whom has spent the past 7 years really getting to know the people and the American’s around him. He wanted to do more with his music and give realistic songs based on the many lives he has come across throughout his 70,000 mile journey. Doug spent all of this time on a Greyhound bus where you come across all kinds of characters. People looking for a new start, traveling to see family, just looking for a fun little trip, maybe that quick getaway, or people who take the bus because it is what they can afford.

This experience truly enlightened his life. Getting to know the riders and the personalities of other people helped him understand things he has went through in his own life. Though everyone lives a different life everyone also has something they experience. The way you look at your life is what will determine the outcome of your situation and not all of it is the same nor inspiring. Doug was able to relate to so many and learn so much more about himself. As he thought he would be the one sharing his story and what he went through with his father is not what ended up happening. It was so much more than that. This experience helped him to grow and to forgive himself. Something he did not believe was an issue for him. Something which turned into an amazing opportunity for him. Something that truly gave him the experience of a lifetime.

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